Summer is nearly over.



I suppose it wasn’t all terrible.


Lake Onaping, Ontario (August, 2016)


My orchids on the cusp of blooming (again)! (July, 2016)


A view of Toronto from Wards Island (August, 2016)


So, about those projects.


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I tripped over a new one today while taking the train home from work:

Someone on Tumblr linked to Bioware’s Explorer’s Wanted contest.

Bioware, for those unfamiliar with the company, is a video game developer owned by EA Games, which has produced titles like Mass Effect and Dragon Age, and I’m very fond of them. The “Explorer’s Wanted” contest is effectively an open call for fans of the Mass Effect franchise to audition to be a character in the game. On a lark, I decided to read one of the scripts and send in my submission for consideration.

Here it is.

I am my own worst critic, so what I hear now are all the things I could correct. But all things considered, I’m happy with this submission.

In hopes of not losing momentum, I then decided to do something very similar that I’d been intending to do for ages. I recorded myself reading a segment of a book, and am going to submit it to Pseudopod. Yes, I’m auditioning to be a narrator.

Click here to listen to my audition clip, where I read the prologue to Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s beloved Good Omens.

Yes, I know. Neither of these things have to do with writing.

It’s my road trip, remember?

A full-time, part-time writer.

That’s what I am. I think it’s just about time that I fully embrace the mantle of the part-time writer, without passing a value judgment on this decision.

In the spirit of both embracing the reality of things as they are (and in an effort to act decisively instead of dithering around, as I have been), I’ve decided to use this space as a kind of amalgam of what my Goodreads account used to be, and what my more informal blogs ought to be. I’ll record here what I’m reading–or, more accurately, what I’m listening to, as most of the fiction I consume currently comes to me in podcast format–and also discuss, a bit, my existing writing projects.

I know. Groundbreaking stuff. Throw a rock into the internet ether, and you’ll hit at least a dozen blogs just like this one. That’s all right; fortunately, this exercise is more for me, and to keep me motivated to critically analyze my tastes and my fiction-writing habits. Think of it as a meandering roadtrip; I’m happy to have guests along for the ride, but it is, at the end of the day, my ride, and I’m behind the steering wheel. Don’t touch the radio.

Speaking of what is on the radio, here are a couple channels my radio is most often tuned into:

  • Pseudopod, hosted by Alasdair Stuart and part of EscapeArtists, Inc., a podcast devoted to short works of original horror fiction. All podcasts produced by EA, Inc. are excellent, but I discovered Pseudopod first and, as such, it will always be my favorite. Each week, different voice talent is brought on to narrate stories, and I especially appreciate Pseudopod’s willingness to seek out narrators from diverse backgrounds. The stories published to Pseudopod are different flavors of frightening and include elements of Lovecraftian horror alongside the things that unnerve us about every day living. Nothing published here is horror for the sake of shock value, which I appreciate, and works with particularly disturbing content come with trigger warnings.
  • The Clarkesworld Podcast, hosted and narrated by Kate Baker, is a podcast produced by Clarkesworld Magazine, which publishes works of original science fiction and fantasy. Clarkesworld stories run the emotional gamut and often playfully bend genres in order to tell a compelling story, but the ones that most stick with me are the ones that end with optimism. Kate Baker is gifted at conveying each character she voices.

My personal writing projects (both in progress, and what’s coming down the tubes) will have to wait for the next leg of this weird trip. There’s lots to talk about–fun stuff, silly stuff, gratingly intolerable stuff–and this was just supposed to be my way of saying hi/hello/get out while you still can, etc.